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Dr. Hitesh Kumar - Neurologist - Veritaas-DLF I, Gurgaon


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Expertise: Neurologist
Area: Veritaas-DLF I, Gurgaon
Phone Contact: +91 9653339333 +91 9653337333
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Dr. Hitesh Kumar has over 9 years of work experience after post-graduation. He has a vast knowledge in the field of Neurology. He also has been actively involved in clinical research in the field of Neurology. He has publications in various international and national medical journals. He is one of the authors of Elsevier-EEG module of Neurology on clinical learning (Clinical Skills in Internal Medicine e-learning). He has worked with various prestigious Medical Institutions and Hospitals like Pt. BDS PGIMS Rohtak, G.B. Pant Hospital New Delhi, Saket City Hospital New Delhi and Artemis Hospital