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Dr. Shivanshu Raj Goyal - Pulmonologist - Veritaas-DLF I, Gurgaon

Shivanshu Raj

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Expertise: Pulmonologist
Area: Veritaas-DLF I, Gurgaon
Phone Contact: +91 9653339333 +91 9653337333
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Dr. Shivanshu Raj Goyal, who is a practicing Pulmonologist by profession is armed with impeachable qualifications and perspicacious diagnostic abilities have served the society in various hospitals lending his expertise. Being born in a family of doctors, he wishes to carry forward the legacy set by his father-Padmashree Prof. Dr. P. R. Goyal (Physician to The President of India), of service to society as their sole motive and is always willing to share his knowledge and rich experience with his peers. He has got various laurels to his credit such as Gold Medal in Pulmonary Medicine, Rashtriya