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Swastik Maternity and Medical Center - Multi Speciality - Vijay Park, Gurgaon

Swastik Maternity and Medical Center

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Address: 78-H Vijay Park, Gurgaon
Phone: +91 1242301551
+91 1242301552
+91 8178369551
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Patient Centricity
Commit to best outcomes and experience for our patients. Treat patients and their caregivers with compassion, care and understanding. Our patients needs will come first

Be principled, open and honest. Model and live our Values. Demonstrate moral courage to speak up and do the right things.

Be responsible and take pride in our actions. Take initiative and go beyond the call of duty. Deliver commitment and agreement made.

Continuously improve and innovate to exceed expectations. Adopt a can-do attitude. Challenge ourselves to do things differently.