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Are only crackers responsible for pollution

Two weeks prior to Diwali; in newspaper, on news channel from NGOs appealing not to burst crackers. Are crackers culprit of high pollution level in NCR. Diwali is celebrated once in a year where people burst crackers for a day, at most two days.

November 26th, 2015

  • What happens through out the year where PM2.5 and PM10 level is much above the safe limits. You go anywhere in NCR there is traffic jam primarily due to poor CIVIC sense and due to intelligence of highly educated people, who thinks if they drive on wrong side they will reach home faster. Traffic jam emits smoke through out the year helping pollution level stay above safe limits.
    Burning paddy is another reason causing SMOG and breaches safe limits of toxic gases in the environment. Usually paddy burning happens in other states causes pollution in NCR, imagine kind of pollution and toxic gases emits from this.
    You go anywhere in NCR dust is another major major contributor to pollution and ALlERGY/ ASTHMA.
    Why people do not raise concern for above issues, and moreover what they do to control daily polluters. Where all those garrulous goes when it comes to wrong side driving causing traffic jam, burning of paddy, dust.. they blame government for this through out the year, can’t they contribute at least to use some common sense.

  • When it comes Diwali.. every one started shouting and blaming cracker. Now Vehicles plying seems is only reason for pollution. Can’t government find real cause and start act without troubling common man.

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