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gurgaon medical directory

GURGAON: Gurgaon is emerging as a medical Hub for medical tourists, medical professional, researchers. Gurgaon gives plenty of facilities for patients and medical tourists while large opportunity to professionals and researchers.

Gurgaon is one of the youngest cities in the country with around a million people moved in Gurgaon in last few years. This has raised the demand of social and public amenities, where need of medical facilities on the top

November 21st, 2015

  • Gurgaon have witnessed World class medical facilities in last 7-8 years with some state of art hospitals attracting hundreds of medical tourists in the city not only from other parts of the country but from entire world.

    Gurgaonites are fairly high tech and use internet, smart phone for any daily chores rather should say Gurgaonites are dependent on information & services available through web.

    Considering the fact, a online medical portal serves a medical directory for the city with information of more than 1800 doctors, clinics, hospitals, diagnostic centers, pharmacists. Pet lovers can find veterinary doctors & clinics. Ambulance, nurse services and blood banks in the city are listed with mediGurgaon

    Director of have a vision to bring patients and doctor come closer and interact among themselves leveraging the power of internet. mediGurgaon helps patient find contact details of doctor or any medical entity and connect to fix the appointment. We want patient to connect doctor through e-mail.

    mediGurgaon has wide information on common diseases and dis-orders discussing symptoms diagnosis and treatment. Portal has information on contraception to help people preventing unwanted pregnancy or disease. Further mediGurgaon has information on home remedies which one can use as a first aid or at times as a permanent treatment for some of the diseases.

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