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A concussion is a trauma to the head, which may or may not include injury to the brain.

Common causes of concussion are motor vehicle accidents (traffic accidents), occupational accidents, home accidents, falls and attacks. A concussion may cause a skull fracture, brain hemorrhage or a hematoma between the skull and the brain (subdural, subarachnoid or extradural hematoma).

concussion symptoms

Common concussion symptoms are:

  • loss of consciousness
  • drowsiness
  • double vision
  • seizures
  • headache
More advanced concussion symptoms may include:

A fluid drainage from nose, mouth or ear (is strongly indicative of the tearing of sheaths surrounding the brain, and can lead to secondary brain infection.)

Especially in case of an extradural haematoma, symptoms of concussion may worsen after a temporary incline in general health. Typically it results from a blow to the side of the head. Patients are momentarily dazed or knocked out, followed by a period of relative lucidity which can last minutes or hours. Thereafter there is rapid decline as the blood collects, causing pressure on the brain.

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