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MRSA, or methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (often misspelled as and searched as " MSRA Symptoms "), is a bacterium that has developed antibiotic resistance, first to penicillin in 1947, and later to methicillin and related "anti-staph drugs". Popularly termed a "superbug", it was first discovered in Britain in 1961 and is now widespread. While an MRSA colonisation in an otherwise healthy individual is not usually a serious matter, infection with the organism can be life-threatening to patients with deep wounds, intravenous catheters or other foreign-body instrumentation, or as a secondary infection in patients with compromised immune systems.

Because cystic fibrosis patients are often treated with multiple antibiotics in hospital settings, they are often colonised with MRSA, potentially increasing the rate of life-threatening MRSA pneumonias among them. The risk of cross-colonisation has led to increased use of isolation protocols among these patients.

In the US there are increasing reports of outbreaks of MRSA colonisation and infection through skin contact in locker rooms and gymnasiums, even among healthy populations. MRSA causes as many as 20% of Staph aureus infections in populations that use intravenous drugs. These out-of-hospital strains of MRSA, now designated as community-acquired, methicillin-resistant staph. aureus, or CAMRSA, are not only difficult to treat but are especially virulent. CAMRSA apparently did not evolve de novo in the community, but represents a hybrid between MRSA which escaped from the hospital environment and the once easily treatable community organisms. Most of the hybrid strains also acquired a virulence factor which makes their infections invade more aggressively, resulting in deep tissue infections following minor scrapes and cuts, and many cases of fatal pneumonia as well.

symptoms of MRSA infection

MSRA infection symptoms are similar to those of Staph, but the bacterium is resistent to methicillin. MSRA symptoms include: