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POEMS Syndrome

POEMS syndrome is an acronym for: Polyneuropathy, Organomegaly, Endocrinopathy, M-protein, and Skin changes. POEMS syndrome is very rare . It is also known as Crow-Fukase syndrome, Takatsuki disease, or PEP syndrome.

Looking at the acronym for POEMS syndrome in more detail:

  • Polyneuropathy - Multiple neuropathies, or diseases of the nerves.
  • Organomegaly - Enlargement of the liver and spleen
  • Endocrinopathy - Any disease resulting from disorder of an endocrine gland or glands
  • M-protein - Abnormal protein antibody
  • Skin changes - Including an increase in pigmentation and excess growth of hair, possibly caused by endocrine disease, esp. of the adrenal gland, and in women, disease of the ovaries.
Disclaimer: Information shared in this section is indicative. Please do not make any conclusion and we strongly recommend you to consult with your Doctor. Symptoms may vary with individual, geography, climate and lifestyle