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Ace Homoeopathy - DLF I, Gurgaon

Ace Homoeopathy Homoeopathic
Ace Homoeoptahy Clinic, Gurgaon
Specialization: Homoeopathy
Address: LG-7, DT Mega Mall, DLF Phase 1, Gurgaon
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Doctor: Dr Amita Arora
Contact: +91-8800223837 +91-124-4279275
E-mail ID:
ACE - means “An Expert”
Dr Amita Arora has laid the foundation of Ace Homoeopathy in order to give world class treatments. With the knowledge and expertise of Dr Arora, Ace Homoeopathy is committed not only to provide relief for ailments but also provide the best of services to its patients.

  • Respiratory Ailments:
  • Breathing Problems, Asthma, Tonsillitis, Sinusitis, Cough and Cold
  • Skin Ailments:
  • Acne, Dandruff, Skin rashes(Urticaria), Skin itching, Eczema
  • Digestive Ailments:
  • Stomach upsets, Gases, Acidity, IBS, Cilitis, Constipation, Piles, Liver disorders
  • Urinary Ailments:
  • Burning Urine, Painful Urine, Stones, Urine infection, Involuntary urine, Unsatisfactory urine
  • Bones/Muscles and Joints:
  • Pain in Joints/muscles, Bone pains, swelling of joints (Arthritis) difficulty in movement, Headaches
  • Female Disorders:
  • Irregular menses (periods), Heavy periods, Scanty periods, white Discharge (leucorrhoea), Uterine infections
  • Infants and Children Ailments:
  • Poor appetite, Delayed milestones, Teething, Diarrhoea, vomiting, etc.
  • Others:
  • Sleeplessness, Depression, Mood disorders, General weakness, etc.

  • Services offered by Ace Homoeopathy:
  • Priority to the patient and his sufferings.
  • The Case study is done on regular basis on every follow up of patients.
  • The cleanliness and hygiene is maintained.
  • Medical supplies used only from reputed companies.
  • Due care is taken by Dr Amita for medicine dispensing.
  • Courier facility of medicines for Domestic/Overseas Patients.
  • Timely Delievery of medicines.
  • Reminder SMS or Calls for the scheduled appointment to the patient.
  • Patients can contact Dr Amita directly for any queries through phone or e-mails.